Aquatic Insight LLC

holistic water management

Aquatic Insight LLC is a comprehensive lake and watershed management company working with landowners to improve and maintain a healthy aquatic environment. We have expertise in water bodies ranging from backyard ponds to large lakes and treat each with the same level of professionalism.

A healthy lake or pond requires a healthy watershed. At Aquatic Insight we consider the waterbody and watershed a system when managing lake and pond health. We use an analytical approach to identify conditions that contribute to impaired water quality, followed by restoration options and management plans. This has proven to be the best way to move towards successful outcomes.

If your pond or lake needs attention, contact us and we will help determine what is needed to improve its health.

Water quality impairments often fall into three common categories: excessive plants, excessive algae, and sediment buildup.

Correcting these impairments starts by finding out why they are occurring, and although sometimes difficult to establish, addressing the cause will lead to long term stability.

The best approach is to monitor the system to establish nutrient and sediment input pathways and come up with treatment options.

Common Problems We Address

  • Excessive algae that forms surface scums
  • Cyanobacteria blooms that have the potential to be toxic
  • Aquatic plants that impair boating or swimming
  • Shallow water caused by silt or organic material accumulation
  • Low oxygen and poor conditions for fish
  • Invasive species out competing native flora and fauna

To correct these issues, we have found that treating the cause of impaired water quality, rather than treating symptoms is a more effective long-term strategy. The goal is a balanced system that does not require excessive intervention to maintain a healthy aquatic environment.

A clean, healthy lake