Aquatic Insight LLC


What Services Do We Offer?

A healthy lake or pond is part of a system that includes a properly functioning watershed. Runoff from lawns, hardscape, or agriculture can send nutrients and pollutants to your pond or lake, promoting algae blooms and sediment buildup. We can work with you to design a shoreline and watershed plan focused on native vegetation to improve system health. This requires several steps, depending on the unique circumstances of each waterbody. To achieve a more healthy system we can perform the following services:

Monitoring or Measuring

The first step in any project is to determine the current conditions, which requires measuring the chemical, biological, and physical characteristics of the system. This can include some or all of the following tasks.

  • Nutrient analysis
  • Phytoplankton enumeration
  • Zooplankton enumeration
  • Sediment testing
  • Aquatic plant survey
  • Bathymetric maps
  • Watershed land use analysis


Once the data have been collected it is used to determine the current state of the waterbody and watershed

  • Nutrient Budget Modeling
  • Dominant algae or cyanobacteria species
  • Sediment Volume Calculation
  • Aquatic plant volume and invasive species presence
  • Watershed nutrient and pollution pathways


    Once data are collected and analyzed, a management plan is created which will guide the next steps towards a healthy waterbody. Depending on the needs, the plan may include:

    • Nutrient reduction strategies
    • Algae control methods
    • Dredge methods and permitting
    • Aquatic plant control methods
    • Landscape design


    • Aeration
    • Phosphorus inactivation products
    • Algaecide application
    • Dredge
    • Herbicide Applications
    • Invasive Species Identification and Control
    • Fish stocking